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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review: NYC Expert Last Lip Color @nycnewyorkcolor

When I received this lip color in my UniVoxBox gratis from Influenster, I was kind of bummed about the color I received.  It was called Forever Fuchsia.  It is a lot more out there than I normally wear, and it doesn't match my clothing or other make up colors.

It worked out great, though because I was invited to an 80s themed party and this color was perfect!  It's good throwback because the 80s were all about popping color and excess.  I matched it up with a side ponytail, glitter eyeshadow, Guns N Roses shirt, denim shirt, bright blue leggings and sparkly ballet flats. 

Here was the result on my lips:
The lipstick lasted the entire party!!

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