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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review: Time For Kids' Dinosaurs 3D: An Incredible Adventure Through Time

It is hard to find a book that my son gets excited about, but when I was offered this book for review, I was beyond excited to share it with him!  He really likes dinosaurs and with all the 3D movies coming out, I knew he'd be excited to try on some 3D glasses and see the pictures come to life.
So when the book came, I was elated!  I looked through it by myself first and was amazed at how cool it was.  I immediately had L come in and look at it with me.  Then when his sister woke up, I had her read it with him in his room.  Then when my husband came home, I made him look at it with me!!  What a cool idea!  It is advanced in its reading, which makes it more likely to be a 10 and over read, but any kid can enjoy looking at the pictures and having some of the interesting facts read to them.  This is definitely a keeper for our house as I know that the older L gets, the more he will enjoy looking at it and reading it, then it can be handed down to his younger brothers...

This would be a great gift as well!!!

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