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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sponsored Review: Stella Cove Beachwear for Kids

Stella Cove swimwear for kids
Even though it seems like summer weather will never get here, have faith!  One of my favorite things about summer is swimming, and that gene has been passed along to my daughter.  Since she goes swimming in public so much in the summer, I try to find her a unique swimsuit that not everyone will have and since it will get plenty of use, occasionally I am willing to splurge and spend a  little more money than I normally would.  If you feel the same way, enter Stella Cove.  They have some super cute, unique designs and I guarantee that if you are not going to see these awesome swimsuits on every kid at the pool!  I received the swimsuit that you see pictured, and the print is Kravitz design, cockatoos on fog blue.  Since I am opposed to my daughter wearing a two-piece, the full coverage aspect on this was really appealing.

Downfall:  My daughter also inherited my gene for having a long torso.  Stella Cove swimsuits tend to run small and even though I requested a size larger than my daughter wears, the torso wasn't long enough, which made it appear to be quite inappropriate! It was disappointing, but one of those things that as a mom, you learn to live with and adapt.  My daughter is also in the 90th percentile in height for her age, so if your child is more petite or even average size for her age, you should have no problems.  I would just be sure to check size charts before you order. 

I would say that with the super cute designs (I think the Jemima and Berkley cuts were my favorite- adorable!!!) these swimsuits are definitely worth the additional price to have your little princess looking her best at the local aquatic center, a pool party, or even at the beach!


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