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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book Review: Poopendous by Artie Bennett

Normally, I don't like "toilet humor."  I try to redirect my kids from saying things that I might consider as gross or trashy.  Despite being about... poop... this book is adorable!  I am very much in love with books for kids that rhyme... but let me clarify... books that rhyme in a GOOD way.  Too many authors force rhymes, but in this book, the rhymes flow like... poop?  EW, me.

So when I received this book to review, I was very excited and immediately read it to A & L.  Although it is labeled as being for preschool age, A liked it/understood it far more and she is almost 7.  I think some of the animals and concepts were a little over L's head.  What was great about it for A was that about a year or so ago she was telling me about the different pets she wanted and asking me if they poop.  I kept telling her that every animals poops and she was not too happy about that.

This is Artie's number two book... his first being The Butt BookPoopendous has received many rave reviews (including this one!)  I'm planning to ask L's preschool teacher if she would like to read it to the class.

Poopendous is definitely a keeper for us!  I'm excited to read it to Baby H when he starts to potty train.

MOTR Grade: A

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