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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing outmywindowTM!!!

"The service, outmywindow™, allows its users to upload photographs to a personal account and share them with a curated list of family and friends. Available on both the web and as an app (currently only for IOS), outmywindow™ is aimed primarily at mothers and families who want to share pictures of their children and relatives, but are wary of posting them on more public social sites. The service will also include tools that allow users to know exactly with whom they have shared images and albums."

Out My Window offers its users a more personal way to share photos with their closest family and friends. What kind of photos would you want to share using the platform?

I'm most likely to share pictures of my children with outmywindowTM. These are the kind of pictures I wouldn't necessarily want floating out in cyberspace.  You never know who's lurking!

What kind would you share?

If you're unfamiliar with this new site, you should definitely check it out!!!

"I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'outmywindow™.'"

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