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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

THE PRINCESS DIARIES: 10th Anniversary Edition + THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2: Royal Engagement now on Blu-ray!!!

I could take Anne Hathaway or leave her.  I find that she only appeals to me when she plays roles where she is awkward or clumsy.  She's a pretty gal, but she just does best in comedic roles where she is not trying to pull off a huge amount of class.

Well, way back in the day (obviously 2002) I watched The Princess Diaries.  I found it to be quite charming and cute.  The premise is a geeky, awkward, fashion hazard of a girl who finds out she is a princess and becomes pampered and refined through the teaching of her grandmother.  It's a new kind of life for her that she is not accustomed to and she has to decide if its a role she wants to accept.  Add that to normal teenage drama and you have a conundrum on your hands!

In the Princess Diaries 2, Mia (Hathaway) discovers she needs to marry ASAP.  However, she wants the storybook romance and not some kind of arranged marriage.  She finds that while she's looking hard for the romance, it has actually fallen into her lap.

Both of these movies are definitely cute and have their funny moments.  Will they appeal to boys?  Not so much, but girls of all ages might like it!

MOTR Grade: B

"Relive all the magic and excitement of these two beloved favorites on this 3-Disc Combo Pack, which includes a DVD of each film. Share the laughter and the love for the first time on Disney Blu-ray.

Princess Diaries Outtakes and Bloopers
Bonus Features: “A New Princess” Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
8 Deleted Scenes – Introduced By Director Garry Marshall
“The Ultimate Tea Party” – With Audio Commentary By Julie Andrews And Anne Hathaway
Music Videos
                                 Livin’ Like A Princess
The Princess Diaries Royal Bloopers
2 Bonus Features: The PD2 Makeover
Deleted Scenes – Introduced By Director Garry Marshall
“Breakaway” Music Video – By Kelly Clarkson
Find Your Inner Princess – A Personality Quiz
                                 A Julie and Garry Commentary

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