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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Thoughts On: The New Season of Teen Mom

*Disclaimer: I know that this is a reality show and they only show small fragments of these girls' lives.  Therefore, I am treating this as I would any scripted show and by no means would have any actual ill feelings towards anyone in the cast.

Okay, now that's out of the way.  So I stayed up extremely late last night to watch the first two episodes of the fourth and final season of Teen Mom.  I haven't watched a season of 16 & Pregnant in years, but I watched the first couple, therefore I enjoy catching up with the girls on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.  I'm going to share my thoughts on each girl of the former based on what I've seen so far.

Farrah Abraham:  Farrah is by far my favorite.  Maybe it's because she's from Iowa or maybe it's because I feel bad for her with what happened between her and her baby daddy and now he's dead.  I do know that most people I talk to can't stand her, but hey, we're all different and I'm entitled to my opinion.  Unlike some of the other "ladies," I actually think Farrah is a good mom.  Her daughter seems smart and well-kept.  Plus since Farrah doesn't seem to spend a lot of time dating, most of her life seems to revolve around her daughter.  My only beef with Farrah is her relationship with her parents.  Although her mom seems a bit wackadoo, her dad (I think it's her dad, but she calls him Michael) seems pretty sane and grounded.  What frustrates me is Farrah's lack of gratitude.  For instance, she pretty much told Michael he was helping her load the uhaul and driving it to Florida.  He didn't even bat an eyelash.  But then she was super bossy to him and acted like it was his job to help her, when really, he was going quite out of his way to do this stuff for her and most of the items were loaded up solely by him.  I would have liked to see Farrah be a bit more appreciative. 

Another reason that Farrah is my favorite is that unlike the other girls, she realizes how important an education is and she has been booking her way through school!  (I believe she's done now with her bachelors.)  She didn't make excuses of any sort on why she might put it off and she seems to have done well with it.  I hate when chicks make excuses that having a kid makes it impossible to go to college.  Ridiculous!  (I know from experience.)

Maci Bookout: I.Can't.Stand.Maci.  If Amber weren't such a hot mess, Maci would be my least favorite.  I think Ryan is a typical young guy who doesn't have full custody of his kid.  Although he clearly loves him, he has other priorities.  Not condoning that, it just tends to happen.  Plus it's obvious Ryan's mom pushes so much for quality time with Bentley and for Ryan to pursue more visitation, etc.  Both Maci and Ryan seem like their parents will always be there for them to lean on and that's a good thing. 

So here's my beefs with Maci.  When it comes to Ryan, she is a total B.  Like I said, Ryan may not be a huge winner, but Maci has no reason to villainize him the way she does.  For instance when she calls him the night before his visitation to tell him she needs to pick Bentley up at 11 instead of 4.  Her excuse why she didn't need to give him more of a heads up was that he doesn't work, so he has nothing better to do.  That's not her business.  The way she treats Ryan shows her immaturity.  You have a kid, how about putting aside your bitterness and act civil towards each other?  My other beef is that Maci is whiny and seems to have no real ambitions other than sitting at home playing with her son.  This kid's gonna have attachment issues in the future cause his mom is so clingy.  How many times has she attempted college only to fail or quit because "it's so hard" being a mom and going to school.  Farrah did it!  I did it!  Anyone with half an ounce of determination can do it.  With her whiny voice and the fact she complains about everything and talks smack about Ryan non-stop, I'm not real sure why any guy would put up with her.

Amber Portwood:  I don't need to say a lot about Amber.  I think everyone realizes what a mess she is.  It's clear that she loves drama and being on camera makes it 80 times worse.  Her woe is me, the world is out to get me attitude is just plain annoying.  She flips out on everyone close to her for no reason because... she loves drama!  She says she loves her daughter, but if she really loved her she'd quit being so selfish.  It's pretty bad when she makes Gary look like a great dad.  (Don't get me started on Gary.)  Poor Leah doesn't stand a chance.  I think Amber needs to be spayed and have her parental rights taken away until she spends 5 years in a psyche ward learning to shape up.  She would do well to go to one of those teenager boot camps you see on talk shows.  I know she's not a teenager, but someone needs to scare the stupid out of her.

Catelynn Lowell: I don't have much to say about Catelynn either.  Yes, yes, she and Tyler are adorable.  But their lives seem boring and they don't have much in the way of personalities, so I don't really have much interest in their stories.  I am extremely impressed with how sane and mature they are based on what we've seen of Catelynn's mom and Tyler's dad.  And although it seems so hard, putting Carly up for adoption was the best choice possible.  Even though they seem to be in a good place now, in the beginning they were bouncing around between parents' houses and didn't have much support.

In addition to not having much personality, Tyler has that thing where when he's happy it comes off as annoying.  That's my own personal beef, though.  I know it's not a bad thing, but I'm a heartless B.

So now that I've spent this long giving my thoughts and opinions, I'd love to hear yours!  Fire away on whether you agree, disagree or wanna punch me in the throat.

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  1. I haven't seen the newest season so I don't have an opinion on that. Amber is my least fave. Her daughter seems to be a last concern. I'm a teenage mom statistic and know how hard it is to raise a child at a young age, but it can be done....and without a bunch of drama!