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Monday, June 25, 2012

Keeping It Clean for Baby

Having a newborn causes a lot of paranoia, one aspect being "how clean is my house?"  I know that babies are supposed to be exposed to a certain amount and kinds of germs because they have to build up their immune system and resistance.  If you raise a child in a bubble, they won't be able to make it in the real world where kids get muddy, fellow playmates sneeze without covering their mouths and people just don't believe in washing their hands.

Although I'm aware of this, I still like to use certain precautions.  For instance, I try to get everyone to wash their hands when they visit and before they hold the baby.  I'm a bit paranoid about other people's kids being around him because they don't wash hands as well and they tend to be more germy.

The other thing I'm big on is cleaning baby toys as H gets old enough to use them.  I find Antibacterial Wipes are perfect!  Babies want to put everything in their mouth and keeping the toys clean is a must- especially if you every buy toys second hand.  Like I mentioned, I'm aware that kids can't be raised in a completely germ-free environment, but sometimes it's the germs you can't control that are the most threatening!

Do you have any germ paranoia's or tips on how to keep things mildly clean without overdoing it?

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