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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Would you buy your own signs?

I've seen those "Children at Play" signs before and often wonder how it is determined by the city where they go.  I had no idea you could buy your own signs to put in your yard.  (I'm assuming it would be illegal to put them on city property.)  I'd imagine that as long as it is not vulgar or profane, that it would be legal for citizens to put up their own traffic signs.

Likewise, I've been driving before and seen road signs in people's driveways and wondered where in the world they got theirs!  I think it would be cute to have your own road sign and back when I raised pekingese, I wanted one that said something like "Pekingese Drive" or "Peke Way."  I know I could have done a google search, but I'm making it easier for you: I found a site that you can order personalized street signs

Right now until I've decided for sure what town I want to put my roots in, I'm renting, so of course I'm not as worried about spiffying up my yard and letting future renters reap the benefits.  But when I buy my own home, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be putting signs and yard ornaments up that catch people's eyes as they drive by.  It won't be an excessively tacky amount, but just enough to turn heads (without causing a traffic accident!)

Brought to you by your friends at Safety Sign!!

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  1. When we don't know exact path & there is no sign board for help then it is necessary to make their own signs for searching path.