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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound DVD Available Now!!!

I always get excited when DVDs come out of shows that I was a fan of when I was a youngster.  It's nice to be able to share them with my kids now and of course the graphics quality  has increased by leaps and bounds!  When I was young although I don't know what channel Pound Puppies was on, I think I saw a cartoon of it here and there, but I was mostly excited about the stuffed animals- especially the Pound Purries!  I can describe the exact Pound Purries and Pound Puppies my brother and I had!

Now, aside from ebay, I'm not sure if you can purchase Pound Puppy paraphernalia, but you can buy the cartoons!  Enter Homeward Pound:

Catch Lucky, Squirt, Cookie and the entire Shelter 17 gang as they find homes for wayward canine cuties. There's 5 puppy-rific episodes and a Learn to Draw Lucky bonus feature to engage a preschool audience. 

Episodes Include:

Homeward Pound
My Fair Rebound
K-9 Kid

Family Time Factor: I think this appeals more to kids maybe 6 and under.  It didn't quite captivate my daughter or son, but I think it's best for preschoolers.  Plus it's not a real commercialized program anymore so you have to have kids that are willing to familiarize themselves with something new.

MOTR Grade: B-

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