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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tommee Tippee: Closer to Nature Review

I've had the privilege of reviewing Tommee Tippee products before and I think it's a pretty quality brand!  And with the recent surge in organic products in the beauty and baby lines, it's only "natural" that Tommee Tippee would follow suit as they are determined to make the best products for babies and children!

With that in mind, they have released their Closer to Nature sterilants line.  It provides plant-derived cleaning agents for everything from hands to bottles to pacifiers and everything in between.  I was given the antibacterial hand soap mousse and antibacterial hand gel to try.  We currently are using the hand soap in the bathroom as my kids prefer to use foam soap and this is a "mousse."  It works great and smells great, my only issue is the pump does not always foam the soap and you have to have your hand right next to it to get any soap.   Otherwise, it's great!  And having hand sanitizer that is natural is great too because the alcohol smell is super potent in the normal brands and dries my skin out as well as my son's.


Cleans in seconds
Free of alcohol, chlorine, fragrance and dyes
Kills 99.9% of bacteria
Leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed without stickiness or residue

I was also given a bottle from their Closer to Nature bottle line.

Features and Benefits
  • BPA- and phthalate-free
  • Unique soft, ultra-wide nipple mimics natural shape, feel and movement of breastfeeding
  • Ultra-sensitive anti-colic valve lets babies feed at their pace for less air, vacuum buildup
                     and nipple collapse
  • Seamless transition from breast to bottle
  • Inspired by nature and developed in conjunction with midwives, breastfeeding moms and babies, Closer to Nature bottles are intuitively designed for easier, more natural feeding. 
  • The bottle features a uniquely soft, superwide nipple that naturally flexes and stretches like the breast,  and the natural shape lets baby latch on effortlessly, easing transitions between breast and bottle and allowing mom to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding. 
  • The bottle shape is simply intuitive, allowing for a more comfortable hold and breastfeeding-like closeness, while the ultra-sensitive anti-colic valve lets babies feed at their own pace, with less air, vacuum buildup and nipple collapse, which can help reduce gas and colic while feeding. 
  • Nipples are progressively staged in slow, medium, fast and vari-flow rates to meet growing babies’ needs.

  • Shaped for a comfortable hold for baby and mom
  • Nipples are progressively staged to meet baby’s needs from first latch to first sips

I haven't had the chance to try out the bottle yet as I'm not due until June, but I'm pretty excited about it.  It's very hard to find good bottles and from the look and features, it sounds pretty close to perfect!

Purchase Information
Babies“R”Us and Toys“R”Us
Learn more at www.tommeetippee.us


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