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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Clorox Lounge- Funny Things Kids Do in the Bathroom

If you're a parent, it's pretty much guaranteed that you have a story about your kid doing something funny.  Well, if you have a funny story that pertains to the bathroom, Clorox wants to hear about it!

"The Clorox Family of Toilet Products recently launched a fun new Web site celebrating one of the most-used and underrated rooms in our homes - the bathroom! The Clorox Lounge is turning the bathroom into the laughroom with a community hub designed to be a mom’s go-to place for comedy. Hosted by comedian, actress and mom Sherri Shepherd, the site features hilarious anecdotes, fun contests, exciting give-a-ways, coupons and just the right amount of comic relief. An inspiration for an entire genre of comedy, the potty is often named as the number one place for moms to find a moment of quiet and a break from a busy day! Whether it’s potty training, cleaning wars, or simply rites of passage that come with kids growing-up, the bathroom is such a huge part of our lives.

The Clorox Lounge activities kicked-off with the Last Comic Sitting Competition and Sweepstakes, on February 27, 2012. During this time, you also have an opportunity to win $10,000 in the Last Comic Sitting Sweepstakes. Simply visit The Clorox Lounge to sign-up and be automatically entered for a chance to win the top prize."

It's odd because as I tried to think of a funny bathroom related story involving my kids, I was stumped.  I don't want to share anything gross that could be construed as funny, because to me, that's not funny.  So I racked my brain and seriously, could not think of ANYTHING!  So, the closest I have is a funny story about potty-training my daughter.  She was 2.  My grandmother had one of the Big Mouth Billy Bass singing wall fish.  We had found that my daughter was more "inspired" to use the potty when she was at my grandma's and her reward was pushing the button on the fish.  So, we borrowed said fish, hung it on our bathroom wall and bam!... within about two weeks my daughter was fully potty-trained!  It was a very odd reward system, but it worked!  (Unfortunately we tried it on my son when he was of potty training age and he was more scared of the fish.) 

After seeing some of the other submissions and hearing other stories, I am soooo thankful I didn't have some of those experiences!  Knock on wood, but neither of my kids have found the scissors and chopped something that is not meant to be chopped.  None have colored the walls or stuffed things in the toilet.  Again, knock on wood, because I hate cleaning up messes, lol.  

Of course, Clorox knows all about messes and strives to help parents by creating products that can clean everything from normal every day messes, to those moments when your children decide to become Picasso in all the wrong places!  By joining their community, you can have access to other parents' stories, cleaning tips and an oodle of other nifty features.   And the best part is that The Clorox Lounge wants to reward you for joining their community by giving you a chance to win $10,000!!!  And along with this great sweepstakes they offer weekly community contests with great prizes!  (And I don't know about you, but I love free stuff!)

 "$10,000 Sweepstakes
Just by joining the community here at The Clorox Lounge and registering for the site, you are automatically entered for a chance to win $10,000! Plus, we'll give you additional entries for:
- Logging in each day
- Leaving a comment on one of our stories, photos or blog posts
You can earn up to two additional entries per day so make sure you come back often to increase your chances to win! Give it a whirl and sign up now"

Now that I've shared my story, I wonder if you have an equally or even better story about what your kids have done in the bathroom!  (But if you have to share the gross ones, be sure to throw up a TMI warning as my stomach might not be able to handle it!)


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