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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paul the Millionaire Matchmaker: Part Two

 In case you missed my last post, in Paul the Male Matchmaker,  Paul inherits a matchmaking business from his aunt.  He thinks it will be a fun job matching people to their perfect mates... unfortunately it's easier said than done.  Paul has a positive attitude and good intentions, but his people skills are a little lacking...

My favorite episode from the series was episode 3 with Lisa Edelstein.  This is mostly because I have missed her face this season on House.  Her character in PtMM was seeking advice on how to get back into the dating world after a 4 year relationship ended.  I could TOTALLY relate to this because I was in a 11 year relationship and when it ended, the world of single (and not so single guys) was a big scary thing!  It was hard to know who to trust or who was feeding you lines.  (So I chose not to trust anyone!)  

I think there are many relatable moments throughout the series.  If you check it out, I'd love to get some feedback on which parts you related to the most.  As adults, I'm sure we've all experienced the dating world in some shape or form.

 I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Paul the Male Matchmaker.

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