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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kipsy Toy Review & Giveaway!!!

I am stoked beyond stoked about this giveaway, People.  When I first saw the pitch for this product I think a couple brain cells in my head exploded I was so excited!  It is a genius idea and I for one, can't believe no one hasn't thought of it yet (if they have, I've never heard of it!)
If you've never used bribery with your kids, there is something frightening about you.  We all use bribery in one way, shape or form at some point in our lives.  We bribe people with smiles, money, goods, promises of eternal love and friendship... whatever it may be, bribery is a long running tradition because it works!

Enter the Kipsy Toy.  But, this is a geniusly masked bribery.  You have a book about Kipsy and his magic beans.  You read the story, you put the magic beans under the pillow and if the child has achieved his or her goal/task, a surprise appears to replace the beans!  And the great thing is, you can do this for as long as you want until the behavior has changed.  (Shall we have a long discussion about behavior modification?  I'll start by talking about Pavlov's dogs and you chime in when you get it...  okay, just kidding.)

This is perfect for correcting the bedtime habit behaviors like getting out of bed constantly for no reason, staying in their own bed all night or throwing a fit at bedtime.  You read the story to the child, let them have the doll for snugglies and they put the beans under their pillow.  In the morning if they were good, they get a prize!  Personally, I think if they were bad you should place a severed head under their pillow, but apparently most parents (and child protective services) disagree.  

When I was young, say 4-6, I had a habit of sneaking in my parents' bedroom every night.  I was good at it!  I could pick the lock, I could get in the water bed and be so quiet, they never woke up.  I think the final straw was when I snuck in and threw up in their bed.  But anyway, my dad solved this with two things: a dead bolt and bribing me with toys.  It's amazing how much less scary the boogie man is when there are toys involved.  It did work, however.  

I'm anxious to try this with my son, but herein lies my only worry: I have two kids and if I let one lie with the doll, the other will throw a fit.  I'm sure it can be solved with a "too bad," but that's my only issue... but then again, I could order another doll.

Long story short, I have nothing bad to say about this.  As a mother and educator who has experience with children from birth and up, I can say this is one of the best product ideas I have seen in a long time!  I am strongly opposed to punishment as a form of behavior modification and much prefer positive reinforcement.  This would be a great gift to give to a parent who is having a hard time with a child at bedtime or a great gift for the child themselves!

"Getting young children to go to bed and stay in their own bed can be a challenge!  Kipsy and the Magic Beans is a fun bedtime sleep aid for children in fairytale form. The set includes a storybook to read together, a soft doll to sleep with, magic beans and incentive toys.  Parents read the story and plant a magic bean under the child’s pillow.  The child knows to keep the bean warm and toasty by sleeping on the pillow overnight. In the morning, the bean has magically turned into a toy! Perfect for childhood transitions – switching beds, starting school, life changes, or sleeping in a new place."


Kipsy Toys has been awesome enough to offer one of my readers the Kipsy Doll package that includes the doll, book, 5 magic beans and 5 prepackaged incentive toys.  Open to US residents only and giveaway ends December 20 at noon central time.

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  1. My nephew doesn't like to go to bed so I like the magic bean for him to make it fun

  2. I like Kipsy on Facebook as Terra Heck