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Monday, November 7, 2011

V Season 2 on DVD!!!

"In episode 9, Anna tries to bliss a human. She is elated that she can control humans the same way she does Visitors. Now she simply has to bliss the humans into listening to her in order to gain total control of Earth. If aliens were to come to Earth, do you imagine they would be peaceful or manipulative and treacherous like Anna, what would you do? Would you trust them until given a reason not to or would you distrust them until proven otherwise?"

Well, I tend to not trust anyone ever anyway, so I don't think I would completely trust them.  But, I would be nice to them until they gave me a reason not to be.  I'd like to think that if aliens came to Earth it would be mostly for a fact finding mission and not to take over our planet because they had used up all the resources on theirs.  But, if that is why they come, I think we will be done for.  Our government can't make up its mind or agree about anything, and I'm assuming the aliens would be on a unified mission.  By the time we know what hit us, we'd have all hidden under desks and cried until we were annihilated.

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