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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Big Bang Theory is now in Syndication!!!

“'The Middle Earth Paradigm' from Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory aired Monday 9/26. In the episode, the gang attends a costume party in Penny’s apartment.  Penny dresses as a cat, Sheldon dresses as the doppler effect, Leonard is Frodo from Lord of the Rings, Howard is Robin Hood but gets mistaken for Peter Pan and Raj is Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Each costume is interesting for each character (Raj, the quietest of the group, is the god of thunder)."

What do the costumes say about each character to you? In your opinion who wins the costume contest?  I think that Penny's choice of being a cat shows how simplistic she is compared to the guys, who are brainiacs.  Dressing as a cat is one of the most common choices for women.  It shows that she put more thought into looking attractive than being original.  Leonard picked a character from a series that is widely thought of as being a "nerd favorite."  And Howard picked an iconic character who is known as being brave, bold and a woo-er of women.  The fact that Howard was instead mistaken for a boy who never wants to grow up is what makes it comical.  I would pick Sheldon for the winner.  First, because he's my favorite anyway and second because his took the most thought in my opinion.

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“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory in Syndication."


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