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Thursday, September 1, 2011

PROM Blu Ray Review

Prom (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)"At 'Prom', every couple has a story and no two are exactly alike. For Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), it’s a classic tale of opposites attracting when she finds herself drawn to the guy (Thomas McDonell) who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Share the laughter and the drama as secrets are brought to light, seemingly steady relationships unravel and new romance catches fire. Get ready for this hilariously heartfelt date with destiny featuring a hot ensemble cast of rising young stars and cool bonus features. There are hundreds of nights in high school, but there’s only one Prom!"

I thought this was your typical Disney teen or tween flick.  It reminded me a lot of the ideas behind High School Musical, but for the market it is geared towards it worked.  I am not a big fan of the Disney series and shows right now and my kids aren't at the age that they like them, so I was a little bored with this movie.  It was a bit cheesy and predictable, but as I said, it's what you expect for those type of Disney movies and it is a hit with the age group it is geared towards.  There were occasional points that made me chuckle, however.

Family Time Factor: Can be watched and enjoyed by the whole family... if you're into that sort of thing.

MOTR Grade: C+

PROM is available on Blu Ray as of August 30th!!!


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