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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey Arnold Season 1 DVD Review

I never watched Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon because it started when I was about to turn 15, so it was the time in my life where I actually had a life.  It's unfortunate because all the cartoons that had been airing a year or so before were instant classics to me!  However, I jumped at the chance of being able to review season one!
I watched this with my kids and we all got a kick out of it!  It was witty and somewhere in each episode was a lesson to be learned.  It wasn't as goofy and annoying as some of the cartoons can be these days and it was quite pleasant in its lack of calamity. 
The premise of the show is about Arnold.  He is a good kid that always tries to do the right thing.  Arnold has a football shaped head, and is occasionally referred to as Football Head.  Arnold lives with his grandparents in the boarding house their family owns. Grandpa is always telling outlandish stories and grandma likes to go on crazy adventures that usually have her dressed head to toe in black.  Then there are the boarders who have their own interesting quirks and characteristics.

Gerald is Arnold’s best friend and "partner in crime."  He loves listening to jazz music.  Eugene is a typical nerd that gets hurt in almost every episode. It’s nothing serious, just a lot of broken bones.  Eugene is considered very unlucky and even thinks that Arnold is a jinx.  Helga is the bully of the school and she is especially mean to Arnold, although Arnold is always really nice to her. (We find out that she is secretly in love with Arnold.)  
All of the characters and Arnold being so likeable make this a great show for all ages!
MOTR Grade: B

Hey Arnold: Season One is now available on DVD!!!


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