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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tree Hut Lotion Review

I had never heard of Tree Hut when I was asked to review their product.  However, after receiving it, I've had the opportunity to talk about it to a good many people!  The product that I received was coconut lime moisturizing lotion.  It smells DIVINE!!!!!  It feels great and I always get asked what the great smell is (and if you're anything like I am, it is awesome when someone tell you how good you smell!)  

"The Tree Hut line includes lotions, shower washes, body butters and sugar scrubs, all of which are scents from the tropics.  All Tree Hut products are made with 100% certified organic shea butter and they also include other natural extracts and oils. Tree Hut products will keep your skin silky smooth! Moms love Tree Hut because it can also be used for stretch marks and it a great way to pamper yourself at home."

MOTR Grade: A
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