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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unburn review

Unburn is an emergency sunburn relief formula.  I am fortunate enough that I don't really burn to the point of pain and within a day it is a tan.  Jealous?   Oooooooh, fiddle faddle!

Anyway, for those times when you are absolutely roasted, it hurts to move, your clothing feels like it is ripping your flesh off and you can't sleep from the pain, there's Unburn.

This is no exaggeration.  My friend told me she had just gotten a completely painful sunburn from being on the river all day over Memorial Day weekend.  She was planning to stop by later.  Well, before she came by the UPS guy stopped by and he brought me Unburn!  So, when my friend stopped by I whipped it out and threw some on her.  She had tried buying aloe and a sunburn spray and neither had given her much relief.  So, I put the Unburn on her (gently of course) and she said it instantly felt better.  It made her more comfortable and she could think of something other than the pain.  The only downfall is that it didn't last more than half an hour, so you'd have to apply it often and the bottle is not that big.  But, if it is your only relief, it is well worth it!

From the company: "All you want is relief when your skin is hot and burned, and UNBURN does just the trick. Utilizing a vast knowledge of emergency burn care, Water-Jel has formulated UNBURN for the specific treatment of sunburns. This Vitamin E-enriched, water-based gel with 2.5% Lidocaine works quickly to relieve the pain of sunburn. UNBURN immediately cools and soothes the skin while its moisture-rich Vitamin E formula with Aloe helps prevent peeling. Forget just putting Aloe Vera on your skin, UNBURN will do so much more!
UNBURN retails for 4.99 on www.waterjel.com."

MOTR Grade: B+


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