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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool Toys for the Summer Months (Review)

Some kids are having birthdays this summer.  I know, that's hard to believe, but really, some kids have summer birthdays.  And in some states, it's super hot in the summer.  Like where I'm at, right here, right now.  112 with the heat index??  I think not!  And the weather guy told me to stay inside, so I assume that means keep the kids too.

So, what are some toys that might be cool to look into right now besides the cliche ones everyone has?  I have two I'd like to inform you of.


This toy goes over the arm like a sleeve and mimics a backhoe or bulldozer.  It's meant to dig in the sand or dirt or what have you, but since I'm a germ freak, I just let my kids use their imagination to play with it inside the house.  You slide it over your arm and there is a handle you can grip that lets you move the "bucket" part in a scooping motion.  My kids and the kids I babysit mostly put it on and pretend it has magical powers.  Not the intended purpose, but hey, whatever makes them happy.

I don't really have a complaint about this toy.  It's simple to use, an interesting idea and keeps kids occupied.  Of course, the ocd side of me just thinks about how they can get dirt under their nails and I'd have to wash it all the time after they used it outside... and what if it chopped a worm in half??

Glow Crazy

Glow Crazy is a glow in the dark distance doodler.   Um, can you saw AWESOME?  I absolutely love glow in the dark stuff, so I don't care if my kids do.  LOL.  Okay, so this toy would be for them.  Anyway, the concept is that you have these canvasses to put on the wall and this battery powered glow wand that sends out a beam of light.  With the lights off, you point the glow wand at the canvas and write, draw, doodle, whatever you want and it will stay glowing for a couple of minutes.  There are stencils that come with it too.  There's an option for writing with a thick line or a thin line.  The faster you move the wand, the faster the image disappears, but kids can constantly use the same canvas over and over again.

Drawbacks: my only complaints are that if you really wanted to draw a cool picture on your wall that lasts forever, this is not the product for you.  Secondly, if you live in an apartment like I do, there is some trepidation about putting the canvas on the wall because even though it is cling, there's the possibility of peeling off paint or getting hot and sticky and I wonder how long it will actually stay up.

Definitely a product for all ages, though!


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