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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Magic: Patty Cake Dustless Powder review

If you have a child, and you have never heard of Baby Magic... I'm speechless.  I get super jealous when I go to baby showers and see when the expecting mom gets a big gift basket of Baby Magic products!  Nobody gave me one of those!  I had to learn about how awesome Baby Magic is on my own!  I absolutely adore their Calming Baby Bath and lotions!!!  My favorite scent is the lavendar and chamomile and we all know how good babies smell!  Well, it's things like Baby Magic that do it!!!

Baby Magic has decided to revolutionize the baby product industry by coming up with dustless powder!  No longer do you have to watch the dust fly every time you open and close the lid on the baby powder.  We all know what it's like to pour powder onto your child's diaper area and watch the dust fly everywhere.  Sure, it smells great... but it's dust!  Now there is Patty Cake Dustless Powder, which comes in a compact and you use cotton rounds or puffs to apply it to your baby without the worry about dust.  It smells great, it's talc free and is dermatologist tested!  It is convenient for home and travel.

There are so many wonderful products from Baby Magic that if you have not looked into them, you're not giving your baby the best!  (And some of the products are great for adults too!  I love their baby oil!)


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