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Monday, June 6, 2011

Transformers: Beast Wars the Complete Series Collector's Edition DVD Review

This DVD came at the perfect time for me because somehow my son has become interested in Transformers.  Don't ask me how because I've never seen any of the movies and have no Transformers toys, but one day he just started talking about them and I established he must be interested.  And what my baby wants, my baby gets... lol, okay, so he's not THAT spoiled, but it's still nice to let him enjoy things he's interested in.
If you've lived under a rock your whole life and don't know what transformers are, they are like these alien robot things that turn into things... yeah, you like that description?  Anyway, Beast Wars has the Predacons (bad guys) fighting against the Maximals (good guys).  Who will win in the fight of good versus evil?  If you answered Megan Fox, you are incorrect.

The great thing about this Collector's Edition is all the cool stuff that it comes with, which includes 8-DVDs full of great content including extras, retrospectives, art galleries, aspecial collectible 24-page comic book and more! 
Family Time Factor: I'm gonna say these are boy-oriented, but I have a couple female friends that would beat me for saying this.  And I'm sure any age could enjoy it but toddlers and younger as it moves to fast for them.
MOTR Grade: C+
Transformers: Beast Wars- The Complete Series Collector's Edition releases on DVD June 7th!!!


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