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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tasty Foods from Mezzetta

When I received an offer to review some products from Mezzetta, I first thought it would be fun because I think being a foody would be like the best gig ever!  But then when I saw that part of what I was being offered were olives, I started to drool.  I LOVE olives!  Black olives, green olives, imported olives, olives off the floor, etc., etc.  I don't know why I love olives so much, I just do... and sauerkraut, but that's another story.

So, I was sent samples of two kinds of olives, sauce and vegetables.  They were as follows: 

Castelvetrano Olives – "the hottest olives to hit restaurants and olive bars is now available in a jar! Bright green and boasting a mellow, buttery and nutty flavor unlike any other variety, Castelvetrano olives are winning over even non-olive fans. The Sicilian imports are great for cooking and snacking and entertaining.  Only 20 calories with 2 grams of fat and zero carbs per serving!"

Amatriciana Pasta Sauce – "this new sauce from Mezzetta’s Napa Valley Bistro line of sauces is made with pancetta and sauteed red onion."

Italian Garden Vegetables – "marinated in a slightly sweet white balsamic brine, this new mix of pickled vegetables was created specifically to compliment the flavors of Salumi"

Bleu cheese stuffed olives - "extra large Halkidiki olives are hand-stuffed with bleu cheese"

The latter 3 are not yet nationally available yet, but will be soon!

Now, I was super impressed with the sauce!  It was beyond yummy, as were the Castelvetrano Olives.  I love the idea of the cheese stuffed olives, but am not really a fan of bleu cheese.  I saw that in their line they also have habanero jack, vermont white cheddar and feta as other stuffed options.  I love vermont white cheddar, so that sounds delish!  And in regards to the vegetables, I can't say I was a big fan, but it's more because I am partial to steamed or raw vegetables, it had nothing to do with the flavor and seasoning.

MOTR Grade:  B

About Mezzetta

With a tradition that began in 1935 in San Francisco's historic North Beach, Mezzetta is a specialty food producer which is best known for being America's favorite brand of domestic and imported peppers and olives. Now based in the culinary capital of Napa Valley, California, the company has been family-owned and operated for 75 years, and is led by Jeff Mezzetta, President and CEO. The Mezzetta family of products includes three distinct brands which represent a wide variety of regional culinary specialties made from wholesome, quality ingredients and authentic recipes.  Based on a rich Italian-American heritage, Mezzetta is committed to delivering flavor, convenience, and value to today's health-conscious consumers.  www.mezzetta.com


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