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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Man Test by Robert Dodenhoff Book Review

***Great Father's Day Gift***

I absolutely LOVED this book and as you may or may not know, I am not a man.  As soon as my boyfriend got home from work the other day, I made him sit and humor me as I read him question after question until he got agitated and found something else to do... then I finished the book on my own.  And this is not just a book that will interest men, it is very interesting for women too!

The book is a ton of multiple choice and true/false questions that will ask you about such subjects as etiquette, social situations, phone use, etc.  I really liked reading about the etiquette questions because some of them I had heard before and others I was completely wrong about.  (And my boyfriend guessed on most of them.)  For instance, I was not aware that if you are not finished eating you are supposed to place your silverware on top of your plate with your fork facing up to signal that you aren't done.  I'm pretty sure no one that works at Red Lobster knows this, but it is still interesting to learn.  There were questions about weddings and information about what all the groom is expected to pay for.

Along with the questions, there are also sections with snippets of information.  All of this was very interesting to me.  Now I can believe that I am a snooty know it all and annoy everyone with my plethora of useless knowledge!  Oh, and apparently no matter what the phone call is about you are NEVER supposed to be on your phone in a social situation.  You must always ask to excuse yourself to take care of whatever it is.  Oops!  Okay, so I knew this, I just chose to ignore it... I'm human!

MOTR Grade: A+

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