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Monday, May 2, 2011

Patti Pelican and The Gulf Oil Spill by Lynda Wurster Deniger (book review)

Louisiana author and storyteller Lynda Deniger has published Patti Pelican and the Gulf Oil Spill, a very special and beautifully illustrated children’s book that focuses on teaching and inspiring children to respect and appreciate the environment . 

In this thoughtfully written children’s book, Patti the Pelican and Sammy the Seagull share what happens to them along the shores of Louisiana following the Gulf Oil Spill.  When the oil slick comes ashore, Patti Pelican and Sammy Seagull find themselves in trouble.  With their feathers covered in oil, they are at risk. Their firsthand experience reveals the environmental impact of the dark oily mess that hit the shores and ruined their beautiful habitat.

My Thoughts:  I thought this was a really neat idea to create a book that actually teaches kids about events in the news that don't personally affect them, but are important things to know about.  The illustrations were great and the story was interesting, although it didn't really keep my 3 year old's attention very well.  Plus there are a lot of concepts that will need to be explained, but hey, is there ever a bad time to teach your kids?
This book comes with an audio CD as well.

MOTR Grade: B

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