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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley and The Book of No by Susan Newman book reviews

Elizabeth Pantley is known for her serious of no-cry solution books that help parents effectively master some of the most common difficult situations involved in parenting.  As a complete pushover who hates seeing kids cry, this is right up my alley!  Granted, I have a son who cries over paint peeling on a wall, so I am working on not giving in to this.  I hope she develops a "no-cry no crying solution" because I would be first in line to buy that!

The No-Cry Sleep Solution "has been tested and approved by hundreds of mommies on naptime and nighttime sleeping. Don’t let your baby cry it out the Ferber way; at last here is a way for new parents to effectively reach the goal of getting everyone a good night’s sleep."  I read this, but of course haven't had a baby baby for a couple years now, but will definitely refer to it for any future babies that might pop out.  I am not big on crying it out- I don't fault anyone that uses it, it's just not for me.  It makes ME want to cry!  But, this book is definitely worth a read if you have a baby that is having a hard time figuring out how to go to sleep on their own.

Now this second book was totally written for me!  It is called The Book of No and was written by Susan Newman.  I have THE HARDEST time telling people know.  I'm one of those people that wants everyone to like them and it consumes me when I find out someone doesn't.  I'm a people pleaser, but I have long ago discovered that the majority of the world is selfish and being a people pleaser gets me nowhere but stressed, overworked, underpaid and underappreciated.  Yep, this is a pity party.  Just kidding.  Anyway, in The Book of No, "You’ll never get suckered into saying Yes again. Social psychologist Susan Newman offers 250 scenarios on how to effectively say NO to whatever is getting in the way of you protecting yourself, your boundaries, your sanity, your family, and your life."

I was only a couple pages into the book when I found myself nodding and saying, "oh my gosh, this is totally me!"  This book is definitely recommended for my fellow people pleasers- believe me, it will make you rethink your response when people ask you to do something.  One thing it recommends that you do is keep track of how many times you say yes throughout the week, which also makes you aware of how few times you say no... very powerful stuff!


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