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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Looster Review

"Getting ready to potty-train your toddler? Try the Little Looster, a revolutionary new potty-training stool! New to market, this stool for the loo means that parents no longer have to clean out those tiny potty chairs, and toddlers can start potty training successfully, right on the big potty without fear of falling in! With June being National Potty Training Month - the Little Looster offers kiddos comfort, cleanliness, and convenience - allowing them to potty train with success! Available online at www.littlelooster.com."

Now having two children who have gone through potty training, I have seen the struggle to get up on the big people potty.  I've never used a training potty because I think they are gross and pointless, so I have just started my kids on the big people potty each time.

The Little Looster is neat because it wraps around the sides and front of the toilet so that kids' feet can rest comfortably after they have a nice boost when sitting down.  This works out nicely in my bathroom as well because my kids would stand on the toilet to wash their hands and now they can stand on this.  

I only have two complaints about this product as I think it was a pretty cool and innovative idea.  First problem is that it is a little too tall.  My kids are tall for their age and my son just became potty trained and he still dangles his feet in front of the Little Looster because otherwise his knees seem like they are up to his chin.  I think being a couple inches shorter would work just fine for all ages.  My second complaint is that it's a little too wide.  I live in an apartment and there is not a lot of leg room around the toilet, so I kind of had to wedge one side between the toilet and the wall.  Were it a little narrower, this wouldn't have happened.

MOTR Grade: B


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