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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster and Me by Pat Palmer book review

Two long time children’s book favorites completely modernized - The Mouse, the Monster, and Me and Liking Myself

Two long-time favorite children’s books, Liking Myself and The Mouse, the Monster and Me are being completely revised and updated.

The original versions of these two heartfelt and powerfully written children's books were uniquely designed, charmingly illustrated in black and white, and hand-lettered on traditional lined elementary school paper. They became international bestsellers in six languages, selling over half a million copies around the globe.  They went out of print in 2000.

Boulden Publishing, in conjunction with Uplift Press, have updated them with bold, new colorful characters and vividly illustrated and revised content, bringing these valuable life skills lessons to a modern generation of kids.

The Mouse, the Monster and Me focuses on the importance of finding a balance between one's aggressive inner "monster", one's passive inner "mouse", helping young readers identify these behaviors in themselves and others. Other issues include: getting in touch with your own strengths; respect, rights, and responsibilities; how to say “no” to trouble; receiving criticism and compliments; and being yourself.

Liking Myself offers advice on how to handle oneself when feeling depressed, upset, or overwhelmed.

Topics include: liking yourself, feeling talk, allowing, letting go, and body talk.

MOTR Review: These books were really perfect for my daughter!  She has a lot of issues with dealing with her emotions and these books were very on target.  And as someone who grew up with no self-esteem, I think it is VERY important for children to have this kind of positive encouragement.  My only complaint is the books were a little long and intimidating for children.  I would have liked to see them made in a larger book than the wide rectangular version they came in.
MOTR Grade: B+


  1. They sound like fun! What would you say the age range is on these?

  2. Liking Myself says ages 5 to 11 and The Mouse, the Monster and Me says 8 and up. I agree with these because the first one is more about feelings and the second about assertiveness, which I don't think is a very young concept.