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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lemonade Mouth DVD Review

My kids watch the Disney Channel like I watch Animal Planet- religiously!  And the great thing is that my daughter is at the age where she enjoys cartoons, but also likes Disney movies and tv shows that involve real life actors.  That is why it is always fun when new Disney original movies come out so that we can watch them together and see what new stuff Disney has to offer.  

Lemonade Mouth is the story of how a popular rock band came together after five teens- Olivia, Stella, Mo, Wen and Charlie- from different walks of life meet in detention.  (No, it's not The Breakfast Club.) They quickly realize they all have different musical skills and form a band together. They are faced with many obstacles of being heard as they are in a school where the popular thing to do is sports and everything else is ridiculed or ignored. Throughout the movie they form real friendships, perform at different venues, go head-to-head with their biggest competition- Mudslide Crushers-the band made up of athletes, go through many ups and downs but ultimately manage to stick together. Lead vocalist Olivia narrates the story and recounts the moments that brought this unlikely ensemble together and sparked a revolution for the band and their classmates to stand up and be heard.

"Lemonade Mouth was a teenage band that a lot of people didn’t believe in but they showed that there was more to school that just good grades, rebellious attitudes or sports achievements. They showed their classmates, faculty, community and even their families that they were beautiful kids and talented too. Of course, the music in this DVD is great. The Lemonade Mouth original soundtrack has ranked among the Top 5 of the Billboard 200, No. 1 on iTunes soundtrack chart and No. 4 on iTunes Album chart. The album also ranked No. 1 on Billboard’s Soundtrack & Children’s Music charts. With hit songs like “Somebody”, “Don’t Ya Wish U Were Us” and more you can’t help but find yourself singing the catchy lyrics and moving to the beat while you watch the movie. The highly-anticipated 2-Disc DVD + Digitial Copy features an exclusive extended music scene."

Family Time Factor: Appropriate for all ages, enjoyed most by 4 and up I would say.

MOTR Grade: B

Lemonade Mouth is currently available on DVD!!!


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