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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Eistein Discovery Kit Review

If you're a parent, you either have heard of Baby Einstein, have used one of their products, or you need to familiarize yourself with the brand!  Baby Einstein has recently released a group of kits geared towards different age levels.

I was able to review Baby Einstein’s Discovery Kits which would make a great gift for new parents-to-be.  Baby Einstein is a well-known award-winning leader of infant products to seasoned parents.  The Discovery Kits are a perfect introduction and complete experience to help new parents introduce their little ones to the world around them in playful and engaging ways.  The kits include a DVD, a music CD and either a book or set of Discovery Cards to promote discovery and inspire baby’s natural curiosity.  They also encourage parents to look to their everyday experiences as a way to extend the content beyond the kit.  

They have three levels of discovery — Experience (Level I), Explore (Level II), and Expression (Level III).  For those already Baby Einstein fans, they will love these kits that bring back their beloved favorite characters like Vincent van Goat, Neptune and Bard the Dragon.  This product will help you raise a more intelligent and calmer child in my opinion.

MOTR Grade: A-


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