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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hawaiian Sarongs by Wave Shoppe

Do you have a killer body?  (Must be nice.)  Do you love to show it off?  (You go, girl!)  Well, the people who bring you the coolest Hawaiian shirts on the planet are also the proud makers of the coolest Hawaiian sarongs in the GALAXY!!!  Look completely chic, while covering up this summer! 

Sarongs are great because they can be worn at the waist, above the bust and if you might be so bold- wear it as a dress!  (Just watch out for the cool ocean breezes!)  My sarong is so gorgeous that I'm thinking of hanging it as art over my headboard...

I chose a gorgeous Hand Painted Sarong because the color was stunning and I absolutely love anything with butterflies on it!  They have many other patterns and fabrics as well.

If you want to add a little flair to the already gorgeous you, be sure to check out all of Wave Shoppe's collections.  Feel free to check out their promotions while you're there!  And if you're a fan of all things cool, make sure you say Aloha to Charles and tell him hamsterkitten sent you! 

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