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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tangled Blu-Ray Review

When Princess and the Frog came out, I took my daughter to see it... kind of as a cover up for me wanting to go so badly.  I LOVED it.  Well, when I saw Tangled was coming out, I got just as excited!  I will be honest and say that I bought my daughter the Barbie and wanted her to have the toys because my inner little girl was dying to see the movie and enjoy reliving it.  So, I took my daughter AND son to the movie along with a friend and her daughter... and guess what...

LOVED IT!!!  Absolutely loved it!  It had all the elements I wanted, humor, action, evil witches, ROMANCE... it was cleverly written, there were jokes that even adults would chuckle at.  CUTE!  

Of course, you know the tale- beautiful Rapunzel stuck in the tower.   In this version a  handsome thief climbs up her hair and helps her escape.   Rapunzel has been obsessed with these lights that she sees in the distance every year on her birthday.  Her "mother" refuses to let her leave the tower to go see them- or anything.  Rapunzel's hair has magical healing powers.  So, she helps the thief and in turn he helps her to get to the lights.  Mishaps and adventure ensue...

This combo pack includes the Blu-Ray and DVD.  Features include:

•2 original storybook openings
•50th Animated Countdown

2-Disc BD Combo Pack (BD+DVD)
•DVD features plus
•3 deleted scenes
•The Making of a Fairy Tale
•2 extended songs
•9 Theatrical Teasers

Family Time Factor: Unless you have no soul, you will like it.

Tangled is available on DVD and Blu-Ray March 29th!!!


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