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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bambi (Diamond Edition): Blu-Ray Edition Review

You all know the classic story: one of those horrid, atrocious, meaner than mean hunters kills Bambi's mom... and poor Bambi is destined to wander the forest alone, wondering what his life will be without his mom.  Ugggggghhhhhh, hunters!  Anyway, luckily Bambi (unlike the other poor baby deer whose parents are slaughtered mercilessly in a "sport" where the opposing team isn't given a fighting chance) comes across some new friends who help guide him through his loneliness.  

Well, as Disney has a habit of doing, they've decided to enhance the sound and video quality and now you can enjoy it on Blu-Ray!!!  This is an excellent upgrade from the previously spectacular Platinum DVD Edition that was released back in 2005, which also boasted a restored picture and a digitally remastered soundtrack. Here you have two options for the audio including a DTS-HD track and a 2.0 stereo track for the nostalgic viewer. Also, like previous Disney HD releases, you can watch the film with the accompaniment of the "Disney View" feature, which fills the black pillars on each side of the 1.33 frame with artwork by Lisa Keene matching the mood of each scene.

This edition also boasts a feature called "Inside Walt's Story Meetings" which takes original transcripts from story meetings between Walt and his team of filmmakers, which are then re-enacted in time with the film. Along with the dramatic recreation of the transcripts, the film plays in the background along with variety of storyboards, sketches, concept art and archival footage. The other major feature is the debut of the "Disney Second Screen" allowing you to sync your laptop, desktop or iPad with the film and as the movie plays a variety of interactive features will become available on your portable device, all of which can be navigated. 
Additional Blu-ray extras include two new deleted scenes, a deleted song and some additional children's learning games. Features from the previous DVD edition are also included.

Great classic, remade stupendously!!

Family Time Factor:  Easily enjoyed at any age!

MOTR Grade: B


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