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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Despicable Me DVD Review


So at first few glances of previews for this movie being released in theaters, I was not very impressed.  I didn't expect much from it, but thought it would be fun to take my kids to.  Well, turns out I liked it better than they did!  I found myself laughing quite a bit and quickly decided this needed to be a movie in my children's collection, whether they watched it or not.

This is a cute story about an "evil" inventor who has decided to steal the moon.  (He has some deep rooted mommy/daddy issues.)  In order to carry out his plan, he has realized that he needs to be able to seem somewhat normal and less villainous.  So, he finds the perfect cover as a dad and adopts three little orphan girls.  Little does he realizes all the challenges and rewards involved!

What I liked about this movie was the humor and the moral.  Sometimes we have to think about who we are really doing things in life for- is it ourselves or for some deep rooted reason that we refuse to admit?  And isn't there a little good buried somewhere in all of us?

Family Time Factor:  Personally I think this can be enjoyed by all ages as a date movie, family time or entertain the kids situation.

MOTR Grade: A-

Despicable Me is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!!!


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