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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cher: The Film Collection REVIEW

So Cher has been an icon longer than I've been on earth. So this lady must have some mega-talent because she has recently starred in Burlesque and that movie looks hella good! (I will definitely be seeing it.)

But apparently she has a lot more films in her repertoire- and now you get to experience them all! This new collection of DVDs features the following films:

Good Times
Tea With Mussolini

Now, I was only familiar with Moonstruck and Mermaids, which Mermaids has always been a classic in my book and I just loooooove the acting jobs that everyone did. I would like to think that is the kind of mom I would be... *giggle*

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this collection because I love watching new movies. I'll admit that the earlier stuff was a little boring to me, but the last four were ones that I could see myself watching again. (Did I mention that I love Mermaids?)

If you are stumped for a Christmas gift for someone and you know they are fans of Cher, you will blow their minds with this collection!

Family Time Factor: Don't recommend watching this with children. I'd say 14 and up. Some are good date night movies!

MOTR Grade: B


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