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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Febreze Home Collections 2010 Review

You know those commercials about Febreze where people spray them on their carpet and then lie face down sniffing their floor the rest of the day?  It is SO TRUE.  We've always been huge fans of Febreze in my house because it just smells so stinkin' good!

Now Febreze has this super cool home collection that allows you to enjoy this awesome smell, but also add some cute decor to your house.

Febreze Home Collections Cherry Blossom Whimsy Flameless Luminary Starter Kit 
Febreze provided me with the Febreze No-Spill Solution Kit, information, and a $15 Walmart gift card through MyBlogSpark and I was stoked!  My favorite looks-wise is the flameless luminary.  Having kids makes candles a little scary to have lying around (as does having a husband who burnt down our garage a few years back, lol).  So fire is not our friend.  But these luminaries are super cute and they LOOK like they are flaming, but really aren't and they are scented as well, so they add some nice aroma to whichever room you put them in.  Ours is in the living room.  My only complaint is that the scent isn't that potent after the first day and it's more decorative than fragrant.  

With the no-spill wood diffuser, it's the opposite.  It's not really decorative, but hooray it is fragrant!  This one I chose to put in my bedroom (because men are stinky) and it has been in there for over a week and the smell still hits you when you open the door.  It's not overpowering in the least, it is VERY pleasant.
Febreze Home Collections No Spill wood diffuser with WoodWick ambiance Green Tea 

I can see myself buying them both.  The luminary because it is pretty and decorative and the wood diffuser because it works well.  I loooooooooove Febreze!


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