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Thursday, June 10, 2010

When in Rome DVD Review

I love Kristen Bell, I love Kristen Bell, I love Kristen Bell...

that's what I told  myself repeatedly when watching When in Rome so that I could make it through the whole thing.  Did I laugh here and there?  Yes.  Was the movie good?  No.

When in Rome is a cute little romantic comedy about a girl (Bell) who goes to her sister's whirlwind wedding in Italy.  Despondent about her future with love, instead of throwing coins in the Fountain of Love, she steals a few, which actually makes the owners of the coins fall in love with her.  They each begin stalking her, while she actually falls in love with Nick (Josh Duhamel), a friend of her new brother-in-law and the best man.  But after learning about the "curse", she once again believes that love is not meant to be when she realizes that one of the coins (a poker chip) matches that of the ones that Nick plays with.

I was so disappointed... I mean, seriously.  Kristen Bell has been my homie since Veronica Mars and I will support her in anything that she does.  But this movie-- bad writing, I say!  It was predictable, boring and despite all the good actors, the story just fell flat.

Family Time Factor:  I'd say 12 and up.

MOTR Grade: C- (would have been a D, but I gave it extra points cause of Kristen Bell)

When in Rome is available to buy June 15!!!


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