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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Secret Life of the American Teenager Volume 4 DVD Review

When I saw the previews on ABC Family for The Secret Life of the American Teenager, I definitely knew it was something I wanted to try. I am not so old that I don't remember high school, and I was very curious to see what they thought the secret life of teenagers actually was. Of course, I knew it couldn't be too crazy because it IS ABC Family!

So, I gave it a try, and after episode one I was hooked! It's extremely addictive. The show centers around Amy, who became pregnant by a kid name Ricky after one crazy time at... say it with me... band camp! (I'm pretty glad I never did band in high school.) Anyway, it was a one time thing and Ricky is a player. In season one, the focus was what Amy was going to do with the knowledge she was pregnant. Season two focused on her decision on what to do with the baby after deciding she will have it. She was overwhelmed by the idea of the mega responsibility involved with raising a baby at fifteen. Amy also continued to be adored and loved by her boyfriend Ben.

In Volume 4, Amy and Ben have broken up, but there is always the idea in the back of their minds that maybe they should be together.  Anne (Amy's mom) had a baby by George after their divorce, which brought them back together.  Now they are discussing getting remarried.  And Ashley (Amy's sister) is now in high school and having drama all of her own!  Add in their friends like Jack, Grace, Adrian and Ricky (Amy's baby daddy) and you have a whole lot of stories to sift through!

My only complaint about this series is that there are too many storylines going on at at time and there are way too many characters. Several of the actors are not that great and their characters are boring, so I find myself wanting to skip their scenes. Also, Amy is a smidge too whiny and I can't relate to her character as well. My two favorite characters on the show are Adrian and Amy's sister Ashley.  It does seem pretty realistic to what I hear from high schoolers about what really is going on.  Of course it's a lot more tame than what went on when I was in high school!!  But the acting... maybe by Season 5 they will get better.

Family Time Factor: Once again, not something young children would be interested in and perhaps not so relevant with kids around 11 and under. But, considering that it is based around high school age students, I think that it would be appropriate to watch with your teen.

MOTR Grade: B+


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