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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Max & Ruby: A Visit with Grandma DVD Review

A thousand OMG's on this one!  My son.  My cutesy putesy little bubba boy. LOVES. Max. and. Ruby!!!  I kid you  not, no how, none the way.  (see picture for proof) So, when I got offered this to review, first, I did cartwheels down the road for two blocks.  Then I passed out.  Next, I came to and shrieked like a banshee.

Okay, so none of that happened, but it was exciting!

Max & Ruby is about an older sister and her little brother- much like my kids, only these are rabbits... with no parents apparently.  Ruby is constantly trying to keep Max on the straight and narrow, but Max ends up helping Ruby or teaching her lessons.  This particular DVD features the only apparent family in their life- Grandma!  She's always calm, collected and helps with little projects.  The kids also like to do nice things for her.  A Visit with Grandma includes the following episodes:

  • Grandma's Treasure Hunt 
  • Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Ruby's Recital
  • Ruby's Rainbow
  • Ruby's Home Tweet Home
  • Max's Mudpie
  • Ruby's Missing Tune
  • Ruby's Home Run 
  • Ruby's Handstand
Family Time Factor:  I would say mostly for toddlers through 6 year olds.

MOTR Grade: A+

Max & Ruby: A Visit with Grandma is available on DVD June 15!!!


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