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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Tips for Being Fashionable on a Budget

I'm not rich.  (Although I have such a dilettante attitude that you'd think I was, ha!) But just because my pockets aren't lined with silver doesn't mean that I can't take pride in what I wear or what my children wear.  If you have money-saving tips for being fashionable on a budget, TwitterMoms wants to know!  My ten tips are as follows:

1) Clearance is a magical word.
I can't stand to buy things at regular price.  It's got to be fantastic for that to happen.  For instance, I bought this awesome shirt at Spencer's and paid full price, but felt so guilty.  However, I deemed it the most comfortable shirt I ever owned and went back and bought another one of a different print.  I practically live in these shirts I love them so much!  But when I shop, I head straight for the clearance racks.

2) $3 never looked so good!
I get such a kick getting complimented on a skirt that I bought off the dollar or three dollar clearance rack at WalMart.  I don't know if everybody is too embarrassed to be seen looking through them, but I'm not.  They're new, they're cheap as dirt and they're cute!  I usually get them in 3 colors, lol. 

3) Thrift stores=gold mines.
I know that some people assume second hand means disgusting or trashy.  I see these people as not being frugal.  Sure, you can go into a thrift store and find clothes with holes or stains... and you don't buy them.  But you can also find clothes that are mint or even have tags on them!  I love Old Navy and if I find a pair of jeans, a skirt or shorts from Old Navy in my size... heck yeah, I'm gonna buy them for $2.50!

4) Out with the old, in with the new.
If you're getting tired of wearing the same clothes all the time and want some new looks then chances are some of your friends are too.  Why not ask them if they want to do some swapping?  What's old to them might be fresh and new to you.

5) Two pairs of jeans go a long way.
Everything looks good with jeans.  If you get yourself a couple of good pairs of jeans that don't have any obvious detailing, you can get away with wearing them often.  (Just make sure you wash them from time to time!)

6) Check the web before clicking "complete order."
Once again, I'll mention how cheap I am.  Even if everything I'm ordering is on sale, I just know there HAS to be a website that will tell me a coupon code.  My favorite is RetailMeNot.  I buy a lot of clothes for myself and my kids online, and often I can scour the web and get a coupon code for free shipping or at least 10% off my entire purchase.

7) Free is the best way to go.  
I am all about freebies.  I'd sell my soul for an amazon gift card (joke).  I participate in Swagbucks, TwitterMoms, E-Rewards, MyLikes, you name it.  Often times I get gift cards for clothing and next to money, this is the best thing possible for me because I'm addicted to buying clothes, but have to force myself to remember that my family has to eat.

8) Check your parents' basement.
Are your parents pack rats?  Mine are.  And when I was in high school I thought I stumbled on a gold mine finding my moms clothes from the 70s.  Retro often comes back and you'd be surprised how many cool things your mom once wore.

9) Buy versatile.
Like I mentioned with the jeans, if you buy a top, a skirt, shoes, pants, what have you that can be casual or dressy, then you're in luck!  The same dress you wore to a meeting could be a dress you wear out on a date or even to lunch with friends.  Buying something that can be used many times for many types of occasions saves you from having to go shopping every time an event comes up.

10) Don't pay full price for ANYTHING!
Seriously.  My in-laws shop for their kids at Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hilfiger, etc.  It makes me cringe when I see the price tags.  I introduced my sister-in-law once to the wonder that was an outlet mall and she was amazed at how far her money could stretch.  She also really wanted a Hollister bikini and I couldn't watch her spend 80 bucks, so we went on Ebay and found her one NWT for $39.99.  I breathed a little easier that night.

These are just a few ways that I save money on clothes.  And believe me... I love buying clothes.

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