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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tommee Tippee Product Review

Both of my kids use sippy cups. I usually buy whatever cups are cheapest, but I've invested in the Gerber ones before. It always seems like spill-proof means "well, it leaks a little when they shake it, but what more do you want?" My son loves to try to shake out the liquid, which is quite frustrating.

I received Tommee Tippee sippy cups to review and have been extremely impressed! In fact, unless they are being washed, I haven't had my kids use any other cup since! What I love about them is that they are in fact spill proof and have really soft spouts. My daughter is four and she received the Stage 5 cup, which is the Drinking Cup, and is part of their Explora brand. It has a large capacity for ultimate hydration and an insulated design keeps drinks cool. My daughter can actually drink from a regular cup, but her brother likes to snatch it, so this cup works great because she feels like a big girl, but her brother can't make a mess.

For my son, he received a Stage 2 Sippy Cup, which was perfect because it is just like the cups I normally buy for him. It has a soft spout to protect child’s gums and mouth, is easy for little hands to hold and dishwasher safe. My ONLY complaint about this cup and the Drinking Cup are all the pieces you have to take apart to wash them. But, I can live with that if it means less mess to clean up from spillage! These are also extremely reasonably priced at $7.99 for a 2 pack, which for the durability and messlessness makes them worth every penny!

Tommee Tippee products have been hailed as the #1 feeding brand in the UK and are now being sold exclusively through Babies R Us.

This product was supplied for free to review from Tommee Tippee as I am a reviewer for the Mom Bloggers Club.


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