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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Porky and Bess (Book Review)

Porky and Bess
Written by Ellen Weiss and Mel Friedman; illustrated by Marsha Winborn

This was a really fun book for me to review because it involved a cat, which delighted both myself and my daughter. We settled down to read it and she was enraptured from start to finish. This is a Step 4 Step Into Reading title, which is delegated for children in grades 2-3 and promotes reading paragraphs, contains challenging vocabulary, short paragraphs and exciting stories. It is for "newly independent readers who read simple sentences with confidence." Of course, my daughter just learned to write her first name, so she won't be reading it anytime soon, but I did find the sentence structures to be very simple with great vocabulary building words spread throughout. I definitely think it is great for kids who have been reading for at least a year.

The story is about a pig named Porky and his friend, Bess the cat. Bess and Porky are quite the opposite. Porky likes clutter, dislikes people. Bess loves neatness and has three kittens and loves people. Porky is also a poet and his goal throughout the story is to create a new poem to read for Poetry Reading Night. He has a hard time rhyming and coming up with the right thoughts, so he uses his friend Bess for inspiration.

Age level: As I mentioned, my 4 year old loved the story, but it is rather long to expect most toddlers to sit through, so I'd say ages 4 and up to be read to and ages 7-10 in terms of the reading level.

MOTR Grade: A

Porky and Bess hits the shelves February 23!!!

This title was provided to me by Random House.

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