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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Growing Tree Toys: Get Their Brains Working!

Of course, being a genius myself, I want my kids to be geniuses as well... okay, maybe those are exaggerations, but I love promoting creativity and critical thinking and sometimes it's hard to find toys that can do that.  I am trying to keep my kids from playing computer and video games as long as humanly possible, so it's great to find new resources for educational toys.  When Growing Tree Toys offered me a toy in order to spread the word about their awesome site, I was more than willing!  I was especially ecstatic to learn they had Melissa & Doug products as that is a favorite here.  They are wooden, therefore durable and they have the coolest concepts!  You can find tons of Melissa & Doug on Growing Tree Toys' website and they also offer deals from time to time, so it would be helpful to follow them on twitter.

If you have kids that love to learn and you want to nourish their brains, you really need to check out Growing Tree Toys!  And it's never too early to think about birthdays and next Christmas!!!

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