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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Diego, Go!: Lion Cub Rescue DVD Review

Both my kids have long loved Diego. Unfortunately, it fails to win their loyalty if Dora is an option. I love Diego because it teaches them Spanish AND teaches them about animals. I love animals and find it pretty interesting to learn about these diverse animals and where they live. Plus, at the end of each episode is a "review" where the children are asked to remember certain details about the animals they have just learned about. I think it's excellent and gladly let my children watch it!

In Lion Cub Rescue, Diego, Baby Jaguar and Daddy Lion head out to Lion Cub's party where they discover some little lions in trouble. Diego and Daddy Lion immediately take action to rescue Baby Lion who is stuck on a broken branch. They must also save Cousin Lion, who is stuck in an animal trap and Sister Lion who is hiding in the tall grass. And of course we get to include Rescue Pack and Click the Camera in this adventure.

Welcome Home, Lion Cub
Diego's Ringed Seal Rescue
Diego Reunites Hippo & Oxpecker
Diego's Orangutan Rescue

Family Time Factor: One of the few cartoons I can tolerate watching with the kids or having on in the background. I think it is best enjoyed by boys or girls from birth to 10.

MOTR Grade: A

Go Diego, Go!: Lion Cub Rescue is now available on DVD!!!


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