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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fraggle Rock: The Complete Animated Series DVD Review

Did you used to watch Fraggle Rock as a kid? Yeah, me neither. I think it was on PBS and if we got PBS, no one told me! Plus, being 6th in line for the remote kinda left me watching reruns of Fantasy Island, some lame-o sports event or Walker, Texas Ranger. I remember HEARING about Fraggle Rock and WANTING to watch it. Well, now our kids can! Apparently from 1987-1988 there was an animated Fraggle Rock series. They probably canceled it and gave that timeslot back to whomever had it before because NBC seems to like to do that to hardworking individuals (i.e. Conan O'Brien.)

Anyway, back to Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson was the creator of the original show about a group of cave-dwelling misfits who liked to dance, act silly and maybe learn a thing or two about life here and there. There were such kooky characters as Red, Gobo, Wembley, Marjory, the Trash Heap and evil villains such as the Gorgs. It's hard to resist these zany creatures. My daughter found it to be hysterical and I found myself cracking a few smiles. This set includes all 13 episodes, with each episode containing two different stories. It is a 2 disc-set that comes just after Fraggle Rock celebrated its 25th anniversary... okay, so in hindsight, I was 3 when it started, but my daughter is 4 and she is getting to enjoy it, which is cool.

Family Time Factor: I think this actually spans quite the ages and I would say would be best enjoyed by kids up to 12, and especially tolerable to adults who have imagination and remember what it was like to be fun and creative.

MOTR Grade: B+

Fraggle Rock: The Complete Animated Series is available January 19th on DVD!!!


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