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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handy Manny: Motorcycle Adventure DVD Review


I have to start with a little anecdote about Handy Manny. My daughter was about six months old and I was attempting to get her interested in cartoons, so I turned on Playhouse Disney. Well, she was not interested whatsoever, but when Handy Manny came on, I LOVED it! I set the DVR to record so I could keep showing it to A in order that she might like it one day... well, it never happened and I forgot about it. Fast forward a couple years. My kids tend to watch Nickjr (cause I hate commercials), but one day I turned on Playhouse Disney and Handy Manny was on-- they both loved it! So, I was driving to school that day thinking to myself that I should buy them a Handy Manny DVD... I kid you not, a couple hours later I'm sitting at work and I get an email offering it! Now THAT is bizarre. So, anyway, the kids love it to pieces.

Handy Manny is a cartoon about this guy named Manny... who is handy, lol. He's a carpenter/repairman type guy who goes around his town fixing things for people like Mr. Lopar, etc. The tools talk and each have names and personalities. This cartoon is great because it teaches Spanish as Manny is bilingual and you pick up different Spanish words here and there. Also, I hope it inspires boys to grow up to be carpenters, cause I think guys that can build things rock...

In Motorcycle Adventure (the first ever Handy Manny full-length adventure) Manny decides to bring his friends and tools along for the ride to a fiesta grande – Manny’s family reunion. With everyone safely aboard his motorcycle, Manny helps the communities he passes through with fixes and repairs. Along the way, Pat the hammer starts feeling sad that there are no other hammers and thinks he has no family. He strays from the pack along with Squeeze and Flicker and Manny must rescue them. Pat learns the true meaning of family.

This DVD also includes the bonus episode, A Very Handy Holiday.

Family Time Factor
: Probably best enjoyed by children 12 and under.

MOTR Grade: A+

Handy Manny: Motorcycle Adventure is available now on DVD!!!


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