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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Amazon SwagBucks

I can't believe this is the first time I'm hearing about this program, but I love Amazon! I bought 90% of my Christmas gifts off Amazon this year. We are privy to only a Super WalMart in our town and I am so tired of driving since I had to drive four days a week to another town for school this past semester. Anyway, add to that that I usually buy my school books, movies, and music off of amazon and you have a loyal fan in me!

Well, SwagBucks is a COMPLETELY free program that involves downloading a toolbar and searching with it in order to earn bucks. With your bucks you can redeem prizes, win prizes, etc. The thing I'm most interested in is earning points to buy gift cards. If you get 45 points you can get a $5 amazon gift card. There's other gift card options (including TARGET! (woohoo) gift cards). And there's no catch whatsoever. Plus, it's a referral program, so if you refer people, you get points for that as well.

My cousin-in-law told me about it Christmas Eve and I was totally on board. I usually hit the google homepage button 80,000 times a day, but I'm going to try hard to use this SwagBucks toolbar.

If you're interested, I've put the ad in the top right corner of my blog, or you can click here to sign up or get more details. And since it's free, I haven't figured out the "if it sounds too good to be true..." clause.


  1. I've been using Swagbucks for quite a while. I just redeemed all of my points for $25 in Amazon gift codes and 2000 Wii Points for my son. It's easy, easy to use and the Swagbucks add up pretty quick.

    The search results aren't as good as Google, but I can usually find what I'm looking for.

    Tip: if you decide to redeem for Amazon. Do it in $5 increments. The $5 Amazon is only 45 Swagbucks but when you get into the $25, $50 etc dollar amounts the amount of Swagbucks you have to spend is more than if you just have a bunch of $5 codes.

    Good luck!

  2. Annette, I can't believe you'd hold out on me like that! Have you been referring many people? Someone tried to say it was a pyramid scheme and I was all like, "how is it a pyramid scheme if there's no money involved?" Silly goose!