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Friday, October 30, 2009

Winner Announcements

As you may have noticed, I have not been posting the names of the winners lately. I'm trying to think of a solution as I've had several winners tell me that they don't want their names posted. I have been putting ***CLOSED*** by the giveaways after I alert the winners so people know that the drawing has been done.

Please let me know if you have any good solutions or if this is an issue by me not posting the winners' names.




  1. Why do they not want the names posted? Why enter and not be proud of winning :) Unless you are winning cake after cake or cookies after cookies from the same companies but just different blogs.
    I say post they first name nothing else.

  2. the whole idea of blog entries is you need to post your nick or name to enter... for the whole world to see...and that is not a deterrent to entering? I understand if you don't want your email listed... that's why we have blogger, etc., right? As far as I'm concerned... posting the winners nick is part of the contest system... you don't want your name in lights, don't enter! I'll gladly fill your spot! lol

  3. I agree that winner's names should be posted. They have to post a name to enter so why not have it listed when they win.
    I find myself a little suspicious of blogs that never publish winners' names. I entered hubby in a contest with few entries and 6 winners. No winners have ever been posted and my emails to the blogger asking about the winners have gone unanswered.I would feel better if the winners had been posted.