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Friday, October 30, 2009

"Shoptimism" by Lee Eisenberg Book Review

It's a rare treat when I get a book to review and I was pretty excited about this one because - as you know- I love pop culture and social media, etc. Oh, and of course shopping! Being unfamiliar with Lee Eisenberg, I did not know what to expect. I believe I read that he worked for Esquire magazine for quite awhile and he also discusses working for Land's End as well.

So, the book begins with why he decided to write the book and his quest to figure out everything there is to know about the American consumer, the stuff they buy, the stores that sell them, etc. He goes into detail about a shopping excursion where he follows his wife on her quest to buy a little black dress...

and he lost me there.

Okay, perhaps I might be in the minority, but I can not relate to be excited to find a dress on sale for $250! And especially to spend that on a dress I'm going to wear to my kid's school fundraiser... he talks about the high end shopping in Chicago and New York, which left me completely uninterested. I am not a brand person. I don't spend mass quantities on something just because of the label.

I felt like Eisenberg came across as a bit uppity, a bit condescending and perhaps a bit out of the game. Do the snobs of the world read books? Being in grad school right now has made me really question audience, theory, all things boring and analytical that make it hard to read a book for pure enjoyment. But really, who is his audience supposed to be? Not the laypersons of the world, I assume!

But, on a positive note for this book, I did find myself chuckle several times. So, it was not a total failure... and I did learn some pop culture between pity anecdotes.

And I always like to hear other people's interpretations, so feel free to check this book out and let me know if you agree or disagree!

MOTR Grade: C

Shoptimism hits the shelves November 3!!!

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